white people be like he was a thug he deserved to die meanwhile every major white serial killer got due process, a fan club, and a major movie made of they life


Took an hour to pop him and he was armed so…. Go ahead, tell how this is different from the young unarmed man being gunned down a few miles away from #Ferguson in a matter of mins. I’ll wait.

J.Brookinz 6th annual beat battle. Dope shxt.

By @naturallygr0wn “Don’t come on my page with that noise. All these walks for breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hundreds of other disorders are useless. How long y’all been walking for? You do realize the donations hardly go to any “research” for a “cure”. It’s just a fat cat stacking money, donated by people who don’t know better. According to Komen’s IRS Form 990 declarations, CEO of the Susan G Komen fund Nancy Brinker now makes $684,000 a year, a 64 percent raise. Komen claims the last CEOsalary hike took place in November 2010. Surprise! Cancer is a billion dollar industry. The day you are diagnosed, you are immediately worth $300,000.00 to the cancer industry. You are funding their vacation homes, their sports cars and you are enabling a tyrannical government to keep you sick and keep you paying. The pharmaceutical industry wants to keep us somewhere between health and death. Stop using your doctors “sick care” and invest in healthcare. And get the fuck out my face with these buckets full of ice water ✋💦” via @PhotoRepost_app

By @brittany_noble “#Repost from @kmhmartinez with @repostapp —- #Repost from @chezpazienza —- This is interesting. A group from a local church is praying with and for the police here. One of their prayers: that justice is done, but also that no officer is ever falsely accused. #Ferguson” via @PhotoRepost_app


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